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Welcome to HELOT. For more than 60 years, HELOT has embraced the pioneering idea of climate control and has continued to innovate in the growing field. Since 1949, HELOT has been a reliable and efficient partner in the distribution of heating, air conditioning and power systems. These valuable decades of experience have helped HELOT merge the knowledge of the past with the know-how of today. HELOT provides climate management for a range of services including construction, industry and full-service claims management. We at HELOT are happy to provide the highest quality services to help make your next event a success. Please browse our website to learn more about who we are and what we can offer you. Welcome to HELOT!


Disasters Response Center - Chemnitz

HELOT’s fire, water damage and natural disaster integrated coordination group is located in the city of Chemnitz.

Mobile Climate Expertise Under One Roof


Located throughout Germany as well as other countries, HELOT is proud of its reputation as an innovative leader in air, water, electrical and event logistics. This has been an incentive to continue to provide our globally-based customers with optimum climate.  HELOT provides all comprehensive services with prompt and friendly customer support under one roof - 365 days a year / 24 hours a day. Our extensive experience and elaborate systems allow us to provide our customers with tailor-made services and solutions. We at HELOT continue to develop our services in order to provide the best climate systems in the world.

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24 Hour Toll-Free Emergency Phone Number

(Please contact the appropriate product office in case of equipment malfunction)


Increase Efficiency – Reduce Energy Consumption

In times of rapidly rising energy prices, energy conservation has become an essential economic need. Our equipment has been continuously evolving with each successive generation of units employing increased energy efficiency. In addition to our continuous development of energy efficient design, we exercise intelligent planning practices in order to maintain the most efficient levels of energy consumption. For example, we calculate and distribute the most effective amount of aggregates for a given project. These techniques are especially useful in projects such as events and shows wherein optimal climate comfort is achieved without the unexpected surprise of high energy costs. 

In order to provide quick response and safe reliable results, a detailed damage assessment will be made immediately following the incident and will serve as an essential basis for all subsequent decisions. Immediate action is initiated and rehabilitation needs are assessed.



Helot Geschichte

Creating the perfect atmosphere has been HELOT’s mission for more than 60 years. The company was established to benefit the booming reconstruction period of post-war Germany. The climate control technologies helped accelerate dehydration times of the newly constructed buildings. These novel and ground-breaking concepts in the field of climate control fostered the expansion of HELOT’s industrial services leading to the company’s innovation in heating and drying equipment, air conditioning and electricity.

HELOT has been steadily growing since its foundation in 1949. With its headquarters in Cologne, Germany, HELOT has additional branches in Berlin, Chemnitz, Munich and Prague. Wherever your event, there is a HELOT office nearby. Today, Franz Stoffels and Joachim Rzittky continue to shape the company in the same way the founder, Hellmuth Otremba, had done since the company’s establishment – with the ambition and will to innovate.

Helot Products

  • HEL 10 Stainless Steel Electric Fan Heater
  • Control Cabinet Flue Gas
  • Container Tank 2000 l Heating Oil Container
  • AK 2.2 Air Conditioner
  • Promi Tower II Blow Out Unit

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