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  • A-PLUS Terminal, Frankfurt Airport (Photo: Fraport AG)

Winter Construction & Construction Heating

Achieving low and efficient energy consumption in the temporary heating of buildings and structures is a common challenge we face. Therefore, we have developed a number of mobile solutions to overcome these challenges. Whether 50m ² or  50000m ² - the reliable experience, knowledge and technology of HELOT is by your side. 


Semi-Permanent Air-Conditioning and Heating Systems are being effectively used in sites where permanent systems are costly and inefficient. Our Semi-Permanent Systems use operational periods of 6 months to 5 years. Various design elements, such as insulated duct systems, can be used to increase efficiency. Convection or mixed air operation promotes the reduction of operating costs. The use of air curtains and thermostat controls similarly increase the operational efficiency. Such techniques and elements save money and help the environment.


The best air-conditioning system is the one that goes unnoticed. Nothing is more irritating than a loud gusty air-conditioning unit. Our reliable air-conditioning units deliver excellent low-profile climate control to help facilitate the productivity of your project. Climate technology should be effective as well as adaptable. Therefore, we offer custom designs that are compatible with existing tube systems to suit all building concepts.


A reliable power supply is crucial for a construction site. Mobile power generation from HELOT provides dependable energy for all heating, cooling, ventilation and drying needs. Our quiet generators emit peak sound levels of about 65 DBA at 7 meters. Mobile power units are also useful supplements to existing power supplies – providing additional energy during peak power and performing as a hedge in case of a power failure.


In order to simulate peak load, individual electrical consumption groups are formed. Loads of up to 6 megawatts can be implemented. The modular design guarantees maximum flexibility and reserve operation in the event of a unit failure. The individual components are light and small - allowing them to be constructed directly on site and, thus, eliminating the need for a crane or forklift. If necessary, we supply the complete wiring of 16A CEE  to 240²  single wires - including all load distributors.

Helot Products

  • Ventilator + Turbo Fan Drying Equipment
  • AK 02 Drying Equipment
  • H 120 Oil Fan Heater
  • HEL 28
  • GHG A Gas Fan Heater

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