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HELOT has been producing quality and dependable climate control products since 1949. We provide services for more than 800 projects and supply over 8000 units of rental equipment every year. HELOT offers unmatched quality in mobile heating and air-conditioning systems and our extensive experience has given our customers the confidence they have come to trust.



Helot Termintreue

Adhering to a construction schedule is fundamental for a successful project, yet delays remain a constant problem for clients and investors. Structural shells require extensive - sometimes unexpectedly long - drying periods. HELOT climate control systems provide effective solutions to ensure that drying times are effectively shortened and the construction remains on schedule.

Moisture levels are initially determined to help develop and coordinate a drying timeline for subsequent construction phases. HELOT offers advanced heating, ventilation and drying equipment for all construction projects and sites. By reducing the application and completion times for drying grout, walls, concrete slabs and screeds, our construction equipment helps shorten your construction process. The developing modernization of buildings is made possible with mobile heating without the interruption of heat supply. Ultimately, it’s all about completing a high quality project on time.


Helot Services

Each individual project has its own unique requirements for air-conditioning. Several factors – such as location, size, door and window area and construction materials – are important in determining a proper design. Therefore, a detailed analysis is required. We perform an on-site assessment, as well as provide expert advice and a final quote free of charge. HELOT offers comprehensive services in an “all-inclusive” package – we supply and install the equipment, monitor and operate the measurement data, manage the fuel supply of the units and organize on-demand coordination of contract workers.


Helot Produktionsklima

HELOT is an excellent partner for providing climate control systems in factories and laboratories. Together, we develop a “climate target” for your production facility, factory or laboratory to ensure the highest quality results. We manage the implementation and provide appropriate humidity and temperature values.

Optimum climate conditions are crucial in sensitive lab oratory and pharmaceutical manufacturing areas. Elevated moisture levels cause coagulation of granules and powder while machinery and pipes are susceptible to premature failure and reduced lifetime. Above all, proper climate control must adhere to the health, hygienic and safety standards for employees to ensure a comfortable and productive work environment.


Helot Produktsortiment

All for good climate. Innovative technology that is intelligently refined. We supply a range of heaters, air-conditioners, diesel generators and any imaginable supplementary accessory. Our technology is internationally compatible (e.g. in France with the Veritas certification). We offer full service upon request – including set up, removal, transportation and on-site care.




Climate factor mobility and accessibility. Local and accessible personal customer care and project service around the clock – anywhere, anytime. With our nationwide network and four office locations in Cologne, Chemnitz, Berlin and Munich, we support your project or production quickly and efficiently.



Helot Personal

A good staff is essential. HELOT ensures the proper engineering, design and consulting of your project regardless of the challenges, complexities or “impossibilities” you may face. A HELOT service associate will personally guide you through the planning and implementation process. Our certified professional staff is always ready to serve you.



Helot Klimawandel

Climate engineers against climate change. The resourceful and environmentally-friendly use of fuel, energy and water is one of our top priorities. Beneficial techniques such as continuous control and measurement of operating equipment components and the use of intelligent speed-controlled ceiling fans help us optimize our energy efficiency. Thermostat-controlled devices minimize equipment operation time and reduce energy consumption. Reducing energy costs is a clear benefit for the customer, providing good climate for your project as well as the world.


Helot Products

  • Pac 6.5 Air Conditioner
  • H 3000 Ventilation and Exhaustion
  • AK 05 Drying Equipment
  • Pac 5.0 Air Conditioner
  • Measuring Technology Drying Equipment

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